Nakuru High School is one of Kenya’s National Schools located in Nakuru Town, along Nakuru-Bahati Road,500M off Nakuru -Nairobi Highway. It borders Nakuru State House to the East. The school was founded in 1927 as Francis Scott High School but later renamed to Nakuru High School after Kenya attained independence in 1963.
The first stone was laid by the then colonial governor Edward William Macleay Grigg. It has roughly 200 acres of land at the foothills of Menengai Crater. Initially the co-educational institution was reserved for children of the whites who lived in the outlying farming areas and British administrators. All teachers, masters (as they were called at the time) were also white. First formed as a boarding school, it still allowed day bergs on condition that they lived around the school.
By the late 1950s, the school had grown to have a swimming pool, numerous rugby pitches, basketball courts, football pitches, hockey and cricket fields. The school also had well equipped learning resources. It had fully furbished classrooms, and science laboratories. Unique was the weather station where geography students took practical lessons. To keep up with its fast pace of growth, a large contingent of residential subordinate staff was employed.
After Kenya’s independence in 1963, gradual changes followed including being renamed and the first admissions of children of African origin. The first black students who pioneered entry to the school suffered harsh racial discrimination from students of Asian descent. In 1964 the school was opened to girls, making it the only national co-educational school in the whole country.
A few years later, black teachers were employed, and in 1982 the first African principal, Mr.Francis Kesui, was appointed to the school.
The school has consistently produced notable leaders, scholars, actors, players and countless professionals.
The school employs a holistic approach of child development where emphasis is put not only academic performance but also to co-curricular activities like Rugby and drama.
Rugby is a signature game for Nakuru High School.
Before the school was split, it had the largest number of students in the country.  By mid-2000 this uncontrolled admission led to leaders/stake holders calling for its split. The main objective was to increase adequate and quality educational opportunities for the girl child in the region and to improve the management of the two schools in order to enhance educational outcomes.
It was also arguable that despite being mixed, girls had their own classes and dining hall. In 2006 the school was split into the current Nakuru High School and Nakuru Girls High School. Both schools have since recorded a  remarkable improvement in KCSE performance.
Nakuru High School is categorised as a national school, meaning it recruits students who do well from all over Kenya according to the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education(KCPE). The old education system (O-Level and A-Level System), consisted from 1st  forms to 6th  forms.  It also offered business courses, i.e. ACNC and CPA and also Secretarial courses. But after changes occurred,  it changed to form 1 – 4 (8-4-4- system.
The Principals that have headed the school are:
Mr Mike Yator        -Jan 2016- Todate
Mr. Paul Kibet       – Sep 2012- Jan 2016
Mr. Kirui- May        -2005-Sep 2012
Mr.Paul Kandagor-1998-May 2005
Mr. E. K Soi            -1994-1997
Mr PC Milsoy         -1992-1993
Mr. Francis Kesui  -1982-1991
Mr. K.W Pean    -1965-1982