About Us

Nakuru High School possesses some attributes that over the years have strengthened its ability to offer quality education.  Namely:-
  1. It is the only integrated National school whereby it admits visually impaired and students of special needs.
The institution has ample space for core curricular activities and expansion.
An integrated information system exists that facilitates trailing of transactions relating to academic enrollment, fees collection, student academic monitoring system, time table scheduling material management.
The efficiency in information dissemination to facilitate smooth administrative and academic operations. This includes the use of ICT hot spot, cyber café, radio calls and computerized bell.
Being an integrated academic institution where the physically challenged and visually impaired students are incorporated.
Nakuru Boys High School is the learning institution of a highly competent and resourceful staff that has the potential of effectively implementing the curriculum.
The school has established a dynamic and responsive management structure that adapts to current best practices.
It is also guided by a well elaborated mission statement and a strategic plan to ensure that the school realizes its vision.  A customer care charter also enables the school to meet the stakeholder’s needs satisfactorily.