THE “TALKING” LIBRARY.                                                     
School library is central to learning and plays a key role as a place for encouraging innovation, curiosity, and problem solving. School library is a catalyst for literacy, reading, teaching and learning. They enhance students’ understanding, achievement and provide support for teaching and learning process throughout institution. . The school library is a pivotal entity of the school community.
Nakuru Boys High School pride itself for having a well stocked, organized and properly functioning modern library in the entire Nakuru County. The facility is easily accessible to all library patrons; staffs and students since it’s strategically located. Nakuru High School library provides a wealth of curriculum and Co-curricular-based resources. The learners are equipped with opportunities to carry out individualized study and also research on difficult items on their own thus alleviating dependency on the instructor.
The facility accommodates 200 users with 23,291 books…,a range of newspapers, magazines, audio visual materials, tapes, Braille books, charts, maps, counseling/motivational materials, series –Exams,/KCSE past examination papers and Revision Materials, reference and fiction books.  The premise has the I.C.T section, Bookstore and the Archive.
The library is endowed with adequate daily supply of newspapers – Daily Nation, The Standard and Taifa Leo that provide current information around the world. The materials available help students reap huge benefits in research, entertainment and leisure. Nakuru High school being the only integrated National school is an Excellent Transformative School with Equal Opportunities. The school provides a conducive student learning Environment supported by vibrant and creative Resource utilization in nurturing students in Holistic and productive Beings in the society. SNE,– visually impaired students are admitted in this school .The library has overtly stocked Braille books and other informational materials like CDs, CCtv machine among others for this special group.
The library offers various services to its clients such as user education, selection and acquisition, charging and discharging, Current Awareness Services (CAS), Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), Reference services, technical services (cataloguing, classification, accessioning) among others. It is divided into various sections for effective and efficient service delivery. These sections are; the bookstore, I.C.T room, Archive, circulation counter, shelves area, reading area, reference section and library notice board.
The library is managed by qualified librarians who provide equitable, physical and intellectual access to the resources and tools required for learning in a conducive environment. To ease access, tools such as accessioning, classifying and shelf guide are provided. The library also create awareness about the existence of various information and resources, especially the newly acquired items through posting library bibliographies on the notice boards, displaying the items on the display window and communicating the same to subject teachers. The library is well ventilated and lighting system is perfect.
The student text book ratio stands at 1:1 for most of the subjects which has been realized   through proper record keeping and management of losses. There is also an ample variety of textbooks from other publishers different from the class recommended ones which are used for reference purposes.
To ensure maximum utilization of library information resources, users have also been given extended library use time which include prep time as from 6.30pm to 900pm. In addition, the library lend books to Users for a period of two weeks which they use at their convenience thus promoting optimum utilization of the resource. More so, to ensure user reference queries are answered appropriately and satisfactorily, the library has stocked numerous reference materials such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, syllabus books and other reference etcetera for every subject offered in the school curriculum.
To ensure effective management and safeguarding of the resources, the library has clearly formulated rules and regulations which must be adhered to by ALL users. The library conduct user education/orientation for Form Ones the second week after Reporting to school so as to acquaint them about the library holdings, operations, and rules and regulations.
The library is stocked with reading carrels and comfortable plastic chairs to ensure users comfort while studying. Also the carrels are specious and ideal for personal utilization. The library is also stocked with stimulus materials such as  wall charts of different subjects  displayed on the walls (talking walls) all round the premises .The charts contain  well structured illustrations and diagrams for easy understanding of concepts. Charts and graphs are a very powerful learning aid for visual presentations of ideas and concepts.
The I.C.T facility in the library is used by users for reference, research, learning and leisure. There is also all round wifi connectivity in the library for the staff and other library users. Information materials which are acquired on CD-ROMS are accessed in the I.C.T room. The I.C.T section is managed by qualified IT professionals who guide the users at all times.
To safeguard the heritage, culture and history of the school, the library intends to establish a functioning school archive to bridge the gap between the past and the present. The items earmarked to be stored  in the archive include; semi current records (leavers’ students’ files, staff retirees’ files  ,that is- teaching & non- teaching) financial records, past customer service charters, past strategic plans, past school magazines, Old trophies, old syllabus books among other items.
The library also intends to fully automate all its operations with an Aim of coping up with the world technological advancement. The operations which shall go full scale towards technological advancement include; circulation system, selection and acquisition, cataloguing, classification, accessioning and security system. There is also need  to introduce E-books and other forms of internet based information resource to be at par  with the world technological advancement.
Of note is the share of challenges ranging from loss of text books by users, occasional theft of small-sized, overdue books, congested shelves, vandalism and mutilation of information materials, high rate of wear and tear especially class text books, poor handling of items among others.
Conclusively, Nakuru Boys High School library will always exist to promote learning, teaching and curriculum implementation through providing information resources, services and instructions to users’ personal inquiry and research. The school library is pivotal to holistically develop the 21st century learner in line with the achievement of Kenya Vision 2030.