The School is managed by Board of Management.
The day-to-day running of the school is undertaken by the Principal, Mr .Mike Yator.
He is assisted by Two (2) Deputy Principals.
Mr Paul Kamau Mwangi  – Deputy Principal in charge of Administration
 Mr Ochieng Agie Frederick   -Deputy Principal in charge of  academics.
They are assisted by Senior Management Team
Mrs Jane Ngugi              –        Academics
Mr Anthony Bwogo       –       Evaluation
Mr John ndungu            –        Senior Dean of Students
Mr Ronald Mogire         –        Discipline Department
Mrs Janet Wasua           –        Spiritual & Moral Development
Mrs Linet Makori          –        Guidance and Counselling
Mrs Felicina Ngugi        –        Careers
Mr Carey Odoyo           –        Talent and Development
Mr Mathew Tanui          –        Bursar